What is Dignity Therapy?

Dignity Therapy is a brief therapy developed specifically for people living with serious medical illnesses.

It offers a therapeutically supported process to speak about the things that are most important to you, things that you want to share with the people you are closest to, and the things you feel you most need and want to say about your life.

Our conversations together are recorded and transcribed. I will edit the transcribed document to remove my words, clarifying and bringing to light your words and unique voice into a cohesive document.

Once I am done editing, you and I will take the time to sit down together to read, feel, and process the impact of your words about your life.

In reading and hearing the document, I want you to have an experience of, “Yes, that’s me, and this is what I want to say!”

If changes are needed, I am happy to make them.

The final product is a written and digital document that is given to you to keep and share as you wish.

The process of Dignity Therapy usually takes three sessions, sometimes four.

If you have a sense that there are important things that you want to speak about, but are not sure how to talk about them or where to begin, please don’t worry. This is very common, and that is what I am here for. I will guide and facilitate the process, helping you every step of the way.

How does Dignity Therapy help?

Dignity Therapy is intended to facilitate and deepen a sense of dignity and pride in your unique life and how you feel about yourself. It can also improve coping, and even increase quality of life.

In addition, Dignity Therapy can have benefits for partners, family members, and loved ones. The process can increase connection and meaningful conversations between patients and the important people in their life.

Most people find the experience very meaningful, and find comfort in having a document they can keep and share with people they care about.