The root of the word heal is “to make whole.”

Healing, as an experience of greater wholeness and well-being within oneself, is possible with or without a cure of biological disease.

There are many potential sources of healing as you live with the impact of an illness.

It comes from genuine self-compassion, self-understanding, and self-acceptance. It naturally arises as we give ourselves deep permission for our individual needs, experiences, perspectives, and human limitations.
It expands as we are seen, recognized, and witnessed.

Healing is the result of feeling and moving through any of the healthy emotional processes that have been disrupted or neglected in an illness, in the process of caregiving, and in your larger life story.

© Nicole Sucre, PsyD

What most needs to seen, felt, known, and brought more fully into your life is with you at all times, seeking the right conditions to come forward.

Therapy works to facilitate those conditions and to listen.

When we have the help we need to face and move through what has been too difficult, stuck or confusing on our own, it helps us to get back on the right track.

We feel relief. We feel stronger. We feel hope. We live with a greater sense of being fully ourselves. We are less weighed down by defensiveness and unprocessed grief and trauma.

This is very different than feeling stuck, overwhelmed, or depressed.

From this place, we begin to expand our perspective of ourselves and the possibilities that remain in our lives.

Feel your feelings. I will help you to untangle them from the places that are stuck or confused. I will accompany you, bear witness, and support you to be patient and compassionate with yourself along the way.

Therapy with the right therapist at the right time can be a sanctuary to bring greater wholeness not only your experience of an illness, but also into the larger picture of you and your life.